Wolf (Ma’iingan) Management and Endangered Species Monitoring


Funds from BIA were received by KBNRD for data collection pertaining to endangered species on the reservation and for development of a Tribal Wolf Management plan.   Wolf and cougar track/sign were monitored on and near the KBIC Reservation.  Remote cameras were also deployed for detection of wolves and potential presence of cougar.  Many wolves were detected via track surveys and camera survey, three areas near the Reservation had confirmed sign of cougar.

A KBIC Wolf Management Plan was drafted, reviewed by KBIC committees, and presented to the community via the KBIC website for comments.  KBIC Tribal Council passed a Resolution opposing all sport hunting and/or trapping of wolves in November 2012.  KBIC Tribal Council reviewed three drafts and approved a final KBIC Wolf Management Plan that declares KBIC Home Territory as Wolf Sanctuary where hunting/trapping of wolves is not allowed.

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