Native Plants


Anishinaabe people have traditionally harvested plants for food, ceremony, medicines, dyes, tools, construction, and basketry. KBIC's Integrated Resource Management Plan (IRMP) sets forth goals of protecting and expanding stands of culturally significant native plants (i.e. wild rice) and identifying and controlling invasive species on the Reservation that threaten the existence of our native plants. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative(GLRI) assistance and assistance from BIA programs provided sufficient support for KBIC to establish a Plant Technician position and provide training to help us meet the goals established in the IRMP. In 2012 additional Technicians were hired using assistance from BIA-GLRI program funds.


"Plants can exist alone; but neither animals nor men can exist without plants. Without plants, or when their balance is disturbed, the quality of life and existence declines."   - Basil Johnston, Ojibwa Heritage


Green House 

Sand Point Brownfield Remediation & Habitat Restoration 


Ash Seed Collection 

Wild Rice Management and Restoration