Natural Resources Staff

Phone: (906) 524-5757    |    Fax: (906) 524-5748

Main Offices, Hatchery, and Greenhouse Facilities: 14359 Peqaming Road, L'Anse, MI 49946

Environmental, Field Fisheries, and AIS: 815 Sicotte Street, L'Anse, MI 49946

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Name (and email) Title 524-5757
Evelyn Ravindran
Natural Resources Director ext. 4215
Joe Schutte
Operations & Compliance Specialist ext. 4214
Lyndon Ekdahl
Systems & Facilities Coordinator ext. 4237
David Seppanen
Hatchery Foreman ext. 4224
Shannon DesRochers
Great Lakes Resource Specialist ext. 4231
Vacant Lake Superior Program Coordinator ext. 
Erin Johnston
Wildlife Biologist/Wildlife & Habitat Section Lead ext. 4227
Kyle Seppanen
Wildlife Coordinator ext. 4235
Austin Ayres
Wildlife Technician
ext. 4241
Karena Schmidt
Ecologist ext. 4236
Vacant Habitat Specialist/Plants Program


Mike Rodriguez
Seasonal Invasive Species Coordinator
ext. 4216 
Dave Runquist
Wetlands Specialist ext. 4238
Justin Woodruff
Water Resources Specialist
ext. 4220
Dylan Friisvall
Water Resources Technician
ext. 4232
Serene Gauthier
Environmental Response Specialist ext. 4228
Jane Kahkonen
Air Quality Specialist ext. 4223
Dione Price
Environmental Specialist/Environmental Health Section Lead  ext. 4217
Gene Mensch
Fisheries & Wildlife Biologist ext. 4240
Patrick LaPointe
Fisheries Field Technician ext. 4226
Shawn Seppanen
Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist ext. 4230