trees in a woodland settingMission Statement

The Forestry Department promotes forest stewardship for current and future generations, incorporating all the uses and values of forestland on the L’Anse Reservation. KBIC forests provide recreation, wildlife habitat, clean water, clean air, timber, food, medicine, and more to KBIC Tribal Members. The Forestry Department incorporates cultural knowledge, needs, and education into forest stewardship.


Tribal personnel working in forestFirewood Permits: Free Use Permits for dead and downed tree harvesting, and non-timber forest products are available through the Forestry Department.  Remember to have your Tribal Member number on hand. 

Sugarbush: If you are interested in tapping sugar maple but not sure where to start, talk to your Tribal Forester today.

Other forest stewardship activities include:

  • Guidance for finding and harvesting culturally important plants and trees
  • Professional recommendations and resources for Tribal members’ private forest land, and forest-based livelihood or start-up business
  • Monitoring forest growth and health
  • Tree and wildlife shrub planting for habitat enhancement
  • Pre-commercial timber stand improvements and crop tree release
  • Timber harvest to improve forest ecosystem health and reduce fuel loading

For inquiries, please contact:

Rachel McDonald, Tribal Forester
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community
16429 Beartown Road
Baraga, MI 49908
(906) 353-4591​

A forest scene