Native Plants Green House


Native plant propagation for various restoration projects started in KBIC's solar-powered geodesic dome green house. The green house was built in 2010 as part of the Zaagkii Project, a cooperative pollinator project with The US Forest Service and The Cedar Tree Institute. The community assisted the NRD in compiling a list of native and culturally significant plants to be grown in the green house and planted at Sand Point. 

Thirty species were grown in winter/spring 2011 including sage, sweet grass, tobacco, black eyed susan, big blue stem, little blue stem, bee-balm, and false sunflower. More than twenty species of native plants were grown in the green house in 2012.  The majority of seed for green house propagation is collected from native plants in the wild throughout the reservation. New seed collected in 2011 included blue vervain, boneset, and sweet fern. Collections typically begin in late summer and continue into the fall.