Lake Superior Day


The KBIC NRD organizes a beach cleanup every July in celebration of Lake Superior Day. Natural Resources Department staff, tribal summer youth crews, and area community members clean approximately 7 miles of Lake Superior beaches from Assinins/Sand Point all the way around the head of the Bay and up the eastern shoreline to Pequaming. An estimated 40 bags of trash are collected off the beaches each year and properly disposed of.


Lake Superior Day, which was created in the early 1990's by the Binational Forum, is officially the third Sunday in July. The Binational Forum, a group of volunteers from the United States and Canada working together to protect Lake Superior, states that Lake Superior Day is a "special day held around the lake to highlight the importance of the world's largest freshwater lake to the basin's environment and economy." KBIC will continue to hold annual events in honor of Lake Superior Day, but we encourage the community to treat every day as Lake Superior Day and take actions to restore and protect our beautiful Lake. Remember to take your trash with you as the beaches are a shared resource for everyone to enjoy.