KBIC Wildlife Stewardship Plan


Wildlife inventory was conducted in upland and riparian sites, fifty total, throughout the L'Anse Reservation. Inventory data collected includes remote camera data, tracking data, and habitat data. Once collected information was compiled, proofed and summarized in 2011-2012. Information gathered provides a baseline data set with which to compare localized changes in case natural or manmade disturbance should ever severely alter the environment. We will also use the data to help guide decisions for future wildlife management priorities and projects. A KBIC Wildlife Management Plan is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2014. Check back for updates and draft versions of the KBIC Wildlife Management Plan.

A tribal community wide survey will be administered in 2013 regarding values, perceptions and favor ability for various wildlife management options. Public presentations will be given about the wildlife inventory results (wetland results and riparian results) and community wildlife management survey in 2013. Check the Natural Resource Department calendar for upcoming presentations.

Results of the KBIC Wildlife and Natural Resources Survey


Funding for the KBIC Wildlife Stewardship Plan is provided by the Administration for Native Americans (2011-2013) http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ana/


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