Turkey Management


Wild turkey populations have increased locally thanks to the dedication of members of the Keweenaw Cutters Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation.  Nick Lindemann, President of the KC Chapter provides information to the NRD as well as the Natural Resource Committee about successful habitat projects, winter feeding programs and monitoring of turkeys that KC members conduct over the years.  He also recently asked that KBIC consider changing the Tribal Hunting Code to allow only male turkeys to be hunted for at least two years in order to help grow and sustain a huntable population of wild turkey in the area.



In October 2012, KBIC NRD received 25 crab apple trees from the KC Chapter for habitat improvement planting on the Reservation. The trees have been planted near the KBIC walleye ponds where wild turkeys are known to pass through.  Many thanks go out to members of KC for their dedication to local turkey management.  We look forward to future partnership projects and their valuable input into the KBIC Wildlife Management Plan for turkey management.




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