Wildlife inventory and monitoring plays a large role in KBIC’s ability to assess environmental conditions, set management priorities, and to carry out ongoing management activities in an effective manner. The Wildlife Program collects data throughout the L’Anse Reservation and nearby ceded territories on waterfowl, frogs and toads, sand hill cranes, song birds, mammals, turtles and salamanders. Our program has also monitored wildlife for health related issues such as chronic wasting disease and avian influenza. Results from the surveys are compiled into various in-house reports and/or summaries, presented at a variety of public venues, incorporated into regional monitoring programs and often shared with partner agencies.


Wildlife Program Contacts:

Erin Johnston, Wildlife Biologist
906-524-5757 ext. 4227

Kyle Seppanen, Wildlife Coordinator
906-524-5757 ext. 4235

Austin Ayres, Wildlife Technician
906-524-5757 ext. 4235

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