Tailor Road

The property was originally allotted to a tribal member in 1894 and was passed to heirs. Currently, a majority percentage is owned by the United States in Trust for the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC); the remaining is allotted. The property was used for residential purposes until sometime in 2004, when the existing residence burned down in a house fire. KBIC removed debris from the property in 2006 as part of an Open Dump Cleanup Grant and “No Dumping” signs were posted. 

KBNRD conducted site visits on October 20 and 21, 2008. The property was unoccupied with two built structures: an older shed and barn. Dumpsites, soil staining, stressed vegetation and other property observations were located on the northwest, south and eastern portions of the property, away from the former residence site. 

The draft Tailor Road Property Phase I ESA was completed on October 8, 2009. The Phase I ESA was finalized on January 14, 2010. Several site issues were identified including open dumping of household waste and household hazardous waste, areas of soil staining or no vegetation, 55-gallon drum, burn barrels, petroleum or unknown containers and unknown shingle-type material. 

After soliciting bids, KBIC contracted TriMedia Environmental & Engineering Services to conduct asbestos inspection and bulk sampling of a dumpsite containing unknown shingle-type material on August 9, 2010. Lab analytical results indicated the shingle-type material to be cement board (Transite) containing regulated quantities of asbestos.