The property is KBIC Trust Land. The property has been held in trust since April 15, 1938 and was leased as residential in June 1982 which consisted of a little over half an acre. During the same time the owner of the residence also had a business lease for 1.7 acres (including the residential lease area) to establish a windmill at the site. Indian Health Service installed a well in October of 1983 and a septic with drain field in 1984. To the knowledge of Tribal staff a windmill was never erected on-site. The only structures included a mobile home trailer and a small storage shed. By 1995 the trailer was unoccupied, dilapidated, and falling apart. In 1997 both the business and residential leases were revoked for non-compliance. In August of 2006, KBIC removed the remnants of the trailer with an Open Dump Cleanup Grant. No environmental sampling, soil removal or fill material were used in the cleanup. Currently the property is being used by adjacent lease holder as a storage area for vehicles and other material. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was completed in July 2010. Site issues included: a burn barrel, household hazardous waste containers, soil staining and unknown buried debris. A SAP and HASP was completed and approved by EPA in July 2010. NRD staff completed surface soil sampling on August 12, 2010.