Power Dam

The property is 28 acres of mostly flat, low-lying terrain located entirely within the KBIC L’Anse Reservation at the intersection of Power Dam Road and US-41.  The property is trust land restricted to tribal members for residential or business lease.  Fifty percent of the site is forested while the other half is occupied with residential and businesses. Highway US-41 divides the property into east and west.  One residence and two outbuildings are located to the east.  Four residences with one outbuilding, junkyard, a fish shop building, self- storage building, and a small fireworks stand are located to the west. 

The focus the Phase I Environmental Assessment completed in was the larger western portion and location of the junkyard.  The junkyard covers approximately 11 acres of the property and consists of: old vehicles, storage tanks, drums and containers with unknown contents, batteries, heavy machinery, farm machinery, tires, gas tanks, oil filters, vehicle engines, miscellaneous vehicle parts, scrap metal, and some white goods. 

The Initial Phase II ESA was completed on October 2008 and consisted of soil characterization, field screening and biased surface soil sampling within the junkyard operation area.  There were 45 surface soil samples collected from 41 locations across the western portion of the Power Dam Road property. The 2009

Phase II ESA was completed October/November 2009 and consisted of soil characterization and biased soil sampling. Seventy-five soil samples were collected, in large part, to determine horizontal and vertical extent of soil contamination. In May 2011, Coleman Engineering installed five temporary groundwater monitoring wells and NRD staff took groundwater samples.