Mud Lakes

The property is a typical non-tidal marsh commonly found in the northern U.S. It is low-lying and is likely close in elevation to Lake Superior. Approximately two-thirds of the property is marsh with interconnected bodies of open water comprising the remaining third. A small stream that enters from the southwest supplies the marshes and ponds with water and discharges to Lake Superior near the northeast border of the property adjacent to the metal fabricating shop. KBIC was involved in a Wetlands Reserve Program (administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service) in the late 1990s that provided for the construction of a water control structure in order to stabilize water levels. There is an unpaved road on the northern portion of the Lakes that leads to a wildlife-viewing platform. Illegal dumping has occurred along the northeastern and eastern boundaries of the property. Refuse includes petroleum products, building debris, household wastes and may include industrial wastes as well. NR staff has also observed stained soils and an oily sheen on surface waters. Phase I & II Environmental Site work has been completed at the site including soil, surface water, and sediment sampling.