Lindemann Road

The subject property is a partly forested residential lease parcel bordering the south side of Lindemann Road. KBNRD inspected the property during a driving survey on April 24, 2007. There were two trailers (one was dilapidated, the other was older but intact) and approximately fifty percent of the subject property was covered in dumped debris. KBNRD again visited the property on May 14, 2008 after the dilapidated trailer was burned. KBNRD conducted a site visit on November 12, 2008. Some of the dumped material seen in 2007 and May 2008 was no longer observed and the footprint of the burned trailer had been graded over. The second older trailer had been removed and a new trailer was sitting up on concrete blocks. Site issues included burnt trailer remains, buried debris, vehicles, vehicle parts, petroleum product containers and unknown garbage across southern portion of property.