Bear Trail

The Bear Trail property is located east of the intersection of Skanee and Tailor Road in L'Anse Township. The property is 80 acres of forested terrain with overgrown clearings in the center and scattered small clearings to the south. The property has a history of residential use; however, local residents currently use the unoccupied property for off road vehicles. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was completed in May 2010. Site issues included open dumping of vehicles, vehicle parts, petroleum containers, burn barrels, drums, appliances, and household waste. Areas of soil staining and no vegetation were also observed on the property. A Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) along with a Health and Safety Plan (HASP) was prepared in order to sample soil in areas of concern. EPA approved the property SAP in June 2010. Soon after, Natural Resource Department staff sampled surface soil on June 7, 2010