The property is KBIC Trust Land. The former Tribal Center, which housed government offices, was located on the property. The building was originally built in 1928 as part of a mission and orphanage complex. The Tribe began operating their government offices in the building on October 4, 1971 until August 2, 1995. The building was demolished in 1996. The property is currently vacant land. Some building material, white goods, barrels and other debris still remain on the property. A weather station is also located on the property.

Environmental concerns include possible asbestos and lead contamination from the old building and building material left on the property. Illegal dumping of household goods has historically occurred on this property. An underground storage tank used for heating oil was formerly present on the property and was reported to have been removed. Removal records cannot be located. 

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was completed in May 2010. Site issues included demolition of the former Tribal Center building, orphan drums, mounded soil, soil staining, open dumping of solid waste and reported underground storage tanks. An EPA staff member conducted a geophysical survey on the property to search for possible underground storage tanks in June 2010. An anomaly of a possible tank location was marked with flagging and chalk. Additional anomalies were indicated on a map printout of the geo survey. EPA contractor, Weston

Solutions, sampled the contents of the two orphan drums and sent samples to a downstate lab for analysis in July 2010. The analysis results indicate the drum contents can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste. KBNRD contracted with consultant, TriMedia, to conduct asbestos inspection and bulk sampling of soil and materials on the property in August 2010. One sample from dumpsite debris came back positive for asbestos but was not a concern to NRD sampling staff due to it being non-friable. The EPA approved the SAP and HASP for surface soil sampling on August 16, 2010. NRD staff completed soil sampling on August 17, 2010.