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Management and Stewardship Plans, Reports, Publications & Surveys


Overarching Guidance

Great Lakes Restoration Summary Report

Integrated Resources Management Plan

KBIC Wildlife Stewardship Plan

Shared Governance and Stewardship Brochure

Tribal Code of Law - Title 10 Hunting, Fishing and Gathering


Program Guidance


Mining Documents

Copperwood Project - Gogebic County

Acid Mine Drainage Fact Sheet

Impacts to Wildlife Fact Sheet

Tribal Experiences with Mining the Western Great Lakes Region

Earthworks Hardrock Mining: Acid Mine Drainage Fact Sheet

Guidebook for Evaluating Mining Project Environmental Impact Assessments

March 2012 Statement on Mining Activities Occurring on Anishinaabeg Territory

Mining on Lake Superior: Past, Present & Future (November 2011)

Water & Wetlands

Tribal Water Day Program 2019

Wetland Survey Report

Wetland Project Presentation



Frog and Toad Survey Sites Map

Frog Identifcation Pamphlet

Malformed Frog Pamphlet

Salamander, Lizard, Snake Identification Handout

Turtle Identification Handout

Birds species detected in 28 wetland sites on the KBIC L'Anse Reservation

Plant species detected in 28 wetland sites on the KBIC L'Anse Reservation

Duck Box Locations

Final Hunter Survey Report (2009)

Final Wildlife Hunter Survey Report (2001)

Waterfowl Index Locations

Waterfowl Index Survey 2014

KBIC Wildlife and Natural Resource Survey Report

KBIC Wildlife Inventory Results Presentation Part I

KBIC Wildlife Inventory Results Presentation Part II

KBIC Wolf Management Plan

Wolf Pamphlet 


Cultural Information

Wild Animals (Awesiiyag)

Birds (Bineshiiwag)

Fish (Gigoonh)

Insects (Manidoonsag)

Months of the Year

Other Words

Words to go by

The Great Flood  from the Mishomis Book by Eddie Benton Banai

Other Information

KBIC - Who We Are

When Can We Eat The Fish?

The Ways

Ogichidaa Storytellers

Indigenous Peoples' Day Campaign

Brewery Road Site

Medicinal Plots & Seed Orchard Project

Sand Point Restoration Site

KBIC Fisheries Program Handout

A Tribute to Our Fishermen

Volunteer Opportunities with KBIC NRD

An Earth Keeper's Covenant

Harvest Calendar

Four Sacred Plants

Migration Map



KBIC NRD Annual Reports




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