Abandoned Wells


In 2004 we received funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs Environmental Management program to abandon unused tribal member wells on the L'Anse Reservation.  To date we have abandoned 32 wells that were no longer in use.

Unused wells pose a risk to drinking water sources by providing a potential pathway for contaminants to be released directly to groundwater.  Abandoning unused wells by sealing them with cement or bentonite eliminates this potential risk and helps ensure groundwater aquifers are protected. 

Well abandonments have been contracted out to Rhinelander Well Drilling and Larson Well and Pump Company. Tribal Public Works has sealed some shallow, dug wells located on-Reservation.

Well abandonment is just one of the many ways your Natural Resource Department is working to protect human health and environmental quality on the Reservation. If you have knowledge of an abandoned well or have any questions, please contact Stephanie Cree, Water Resources Specialist, at 524-8701 or scree@kbic-nsn.gov.