Wildlife Health Monitoring


KBNRD is working with GLIFWC, Wisconsin and Michigan DNR and the BIA to cooperatively formulate Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) management plans for our area and educate the public. KBNRD collects deer heads for CWD testing each year from local hunters. A total of 115 deer heads were collected during the 2011 hunting season. Between 2007 and 2011 specimens from a total of 379 deer were tested at a diagnostic veterinary lab in Wisconsin with all results being negative for the disease.  Unfortunately funding has been eliminated for the CWD testing program as of the end of 2011. However, CWD was recently discovered in a wild deer in Northwest Wisconsin (100 miles from any known cases of the disease) and may lead to additional funding in upcoming years for continued monitoring. KBNRD thanks all of the hunters and community members that have participated in the program throughout the years.

Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Phamplet
Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Results