KBIC Hunter Surveys


KBNRD has been conducting hunter/wildlife surveys since 1991. The survey is specific to registered Tribal license holders. Of the over 5,000 registered KBIC Tribal members, only 647 were issued fishing, hunting, and trapping licenses in 2009. The last survey was completed in 2009 and asked questions pertaining to deer, bear, small game, waterfowl and furbearer harvest as well as wildlife regulations, rare and/or sensitive species, and general wildlife management comments and concerns of hunters and trappers. The 2009 survey also included specific questions pertaining to moose and wolf management strategies. KBNRD plans to continue to conduct this survey in order to establish a database of hunter activities and attitudes with which to gauge changes in community values, perceptions, and hunting pursuits. It is hoped that more Tribal members will exercise their TreatyDeerRights and encourage the protection of the resources that Ojibwa people cherish.

2009 Hunter Survey Report
2001 Wildlife Hunter Survey Report