Episode Twelve: Presenters

Topic: Academic and tribal collaborations require trust--and an understanding of different perspectives that sometimes seem at odds.

People: Matthew Dellinger, Medical College of Wisconsin

Episode Ten: Presenters

Topic: The Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission oversees programs about fish and water quality, connecting many tribal communities in the Great Lakes.

People: Sarah Moses, GLIFWC

Episode Nine: Presenters

Topic: PCBs in fish required extensive sampling across the Upper Peninsula.

People: Emily Shaw, Michigan Tech

Episode Eight: Presenters

Topic: KBIC members asked “When can we eat the fish?” and engineers, social scientists, and ecologists looked into acceptable levels of mercury in fish.

People: Val Gagnon, Michigan Tech

Episode Seven: Presenters

Topic: Wetlands are an important part of the NRD water program.

People: Erin Johnston, KBIC NRD Staff

Episode Five: Presenters

Topic: The water program at the KBIC Natural Resources Department covers many different projects.

People: Stephanie Cree, KBIC NRD Staff

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