beach cleanup

Thursday August 13, 2020

UPDATE ON BEACH CLEAN UP EFFORTS (Beach Clean-ups take place every Monday morning, July - September, 2020)

Boozhoo. KBIC Natural Resources Department has been busy the past few weeks working in our community to keep our beaches, walking paths and surrounding areas clean of garbage and invasive species. The Natural Resources Department takes pride in protecting our community and all the abundant resources we are blessed to have.

Each Monday morning we head out to eight different locations to remove any garbage or debris not belonging on the beaches or near the waters. We also have policed a few locations not on the weekly rotation but do so to ensure that the garbage doesn’t end up in our waters polluting it for human consumption ads well as the fish and animals that habitat the waters of Lake Superior.

The locations we clean are Second Sand Beach, First sand Beach, KBIC Boat Launch, The Alligator, L’Anse Waterfront, Head of the Bay, Ojibwa Campground Day Use, and Sand Point to Van Stratens. The rocky beach down from the L’Anse Legion and the tree before the State park going towards Baraga (where you can turn off) has been policed regularly due to presence of garbage. We want to keep the area clean for everyone to enjoy. It is important that this garbage doesn’t make it into our lake where it will have harmful effects. The local beaches have seen more traffic this summer due to lack of events or activities going on. The public is welcome to join in the effort. We have gloves and garbage bags available. If interested you may meet us at the Head of The Bay by the willow Tree Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

Our efforts to keep the beaches clean are working. Here are the weekly total pounds removed from all locations combined.

July 9, 2020- 440 lbs.

July 20, 2020- 140 lbs.

July 27, 2020-40 lbs.

August 3, 2020- 200 lbs.

August 10, 2020- 160 lbs.

Clean-up efforts will continue through September and everyone is encouraged to join us to help keep our beaches and waters trash free! Please contact Zena Huhta with any questions or to sign up to volunteer: or 906-524-5757 ext. 4239.