Baseline Water Quality Monitoring

The KBIC has a baseline water quality monitoring program and dataset. The program has been monitoring the reservation waters since 2000. The program is designed to address the various water quality and water resource management issues on the L’Anse Reservation. The purpose of the program is to identify, characterize and address the current problems related to water quality through the implementation of the core, surface water quality monitoring program, and to continue monitoring utilizing the developed baseline dataset.

The surface water within and adjacent to the L’Anse Reservation is a critical resource for both human and environmental health. Surface water is a drinking water source for the KBIC as well as the villages of L’Anse and Baraga. In addition, commercial fishing and water recreational activities such as boating, swimming and sports fishing are significant activities of local residents dependent on local surface waters as well as tourists.

The primary objective of the KBIC NRD Water Program is to continue with the development of various components which make up a comprehensive program to address water quality issues on the Reservation. The program will characterize and address the current problems related to water quality by:

  1. developing tailored water quality standards,

  2. continuing with our pursuit of 303 program authorization,

  3. continuing a water quality monitoring program, including a project focused on the Silver River Watershed and the potential metallic sulfide mining,

  4. continuing a watershed inventory, and working to continue funding for aquifer studies, and

  5. conducting public education and outreach.

Water Program contact:

Stephanie Cree, Water Resources Specialist

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