Trout Rearing


Lake Trout (Chinamekos)

Since 1993 our Community has raised and stocked lean lake trout into Lake Superior to help restore populations to self-sustaining levels. In December of 2010 our Lake Trout stocking program passed the 1.5 million mark for total lake trout stocked into Lake Superior since 1993. Since the founding of our Natural Resource Department our lake trout rearing and stocking program and our hatchery facility have been active participants in the Fishery Restoration Plan for Lake Superior developed by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and we're very proud of our participation. According to our Natural Resource Department staff the lake trout that we stock make up about 50% of the lean lake trout present in lower Keweenaw Bay, helping to make Keweenaw Bay one of the best lake trout fisheries in Lake Superior.