Education and Outreach
Tree Give-away & Community Gardens

In response to community member requests, the KBIC Natural Resources Department (KBNRD) has established a “People’s Garden” near the walleye rearing ponds and New Day (Brewery Road) in L’Anse.  Funding for the garden was provided through the KBIC Natural Resources Committee and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  We are currently growing tomatoes, peppers, green beans, squash, peas, corn, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, and zucchini.  The purpose of the garden is to provide KBIC community members access to fresh, locally grown produce.   Community members are encouraged to come and volunteer at the garden (weeding, watering, harvesting) in exchange for fresh produce.  Vegetables will be distributed based on time spent helping in the garden.  Please contact Erin Johnston 524-5757 (ext. 24) or Evelyn Ravindran (ext. 11) if you would like to sign up for a plot in the People's Garden for 2014.  For more information please click HERE.                                     


There are many foods to be found in area waters, forests, and markets.  If we grow our own food and have control over our food supply, we decide on the quality of food we eat.  Vegetable gardens and local farmers markets provide a variety of crops without the extra cost of storage, packaging and transportation.  There are many health benefits to using non-processed foods.  Learning to harvest encourages self-reliance and traditions that have been here for generations.